Spirolyser Q13 USB


Nose clip

Qflow Sensor


The Spirolyser Q13® is a computerised spirometer using single-use FLEISCH type sensors (patented technology). It is intended for use by health professionals. With its "NO CONTACT NO RISK" design, the Spirolyser® Q13® does not require calibration or disinfection.


Each single-use Qflow® sensor is individually packaged in a pre-cut and printed sachet. The operator’s hands never come into direct contact with the sensor. Thanks to an innovative ejection system, the used sensor is ejected after the test.

Spirowin® Expert Software

  • Professional, intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Performs spirometry tests such as Slow Vital Capacity, Forced Vital Capacity, Maximal Voluntary Ventilation ...
  • Displays predicted values: CECA (ECCS), KNUDSON, ITS, POLGAR, NHANES III
  • Connects to most software packages currently on the market
  • PDF Export
  • Interpretation help
  • Fun incitation Videos
  • Displays volume/time curve in real time (only on FVC graph)
  • Indicates lung age
  • Compares tests
  • Secured database

FIM Medical Expertise

In order to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between patients, the Spirolyser® Q13® as well as the Qflow® have been designed using innovative technology.

Bacteriological laboratory tests show that, with the internal design of the product, associated with the design of the Qflow® sensor, there is virtually no risk (99.999%) of cross-contamination between patients if the Qflow® sensor is changed between each patient.


  • Single-use FLEISCH sensors
  • Singl-use nose-clip

Delivered with...

  • Spirolyser® Q13® spirometer
  • 2 single-use FLEISCH sensors
  • CD containing Spirowin Expert
  • User licence for one workstation
  • User Manual on the CD
  • Calibration certificate


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Users manuals

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User Manual Spirolyser Q13
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