Qflow Sensor


Spirolyser Q13 USB


For over 25 years FIM MEDICAL has chosen the Fleisch type pneumotachograph in the design of its spirometers, for its measurement qualities. A real expertise worthy of a work of craftsmanship, we have achieved our goal of reproducing the technology of this sensor in a single-use version.

Each single-use Qflow® sensor is individually packaged in a pre-cut and printed sachet. The operator’s hands never come into direct contact with the sensor. Thanks to an innovative ejection system, the used sensor is ejected after the test.

FIM Medical expertise

So as to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between patients to a minimum, the Spirolyser® Q13® as well as the Qflow® sensor are designed using innovative technology.

Bacteriological laboratory tests show that, with the internal design of the product, associated with the design of the Qflow® sensor, there is virtually no risk (99.999%) of cross-contamination between patients if the Qflow® sensor is changed between each patient.



Single-use Qflow® sensors are packaged in boxes of 200 pieces.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a discount price on large orders.


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