Q : Do you offer comprehensive maintenance?

A : We certainly do. For a new ADL-20, SPL-10 and Visiolite, we have two attractive complementary products: the maintenance contract (2/3 and 4 years) that covers annual servicing as well as replacement of worn parts, and the guarantee extension of 3 years (also for the TABATABA) that covers manufacturing faults. For older devices, a customised maintenance contract can be performed upon request to standardise your equipment.

Q : Can we send you our device for calibration servicing during school holiday periods?

A : Yes, the FIM After Sales Service is open all year round, but for actual interventions, we will need your Good for Agreement or Order form for the quote realised. In any case, it is preferable to inform our After Sales Service of the shipment of your equipment.

Q : How do I send devices for calibration?

A : Simply pack your device into the original packaging, including the foam (compulsory for the Visiolite) or another box, so that your device is not damaged during transportation. Send your device, along with a note explaining the reason, the details of the person to whom the quote should be sent (email address or fax n°) and shipment address, to: FIM MEDICAL -51 rue Antoine PRIMAT - CS 60194 - 69625 Villeurbanne Cedex France. Upon receipt, our After Sales Service will carry out expertise on your device and send you a quote for validation. After agreement, the After Sales Service will perform the maintenance on your device and ship it back to you.

Q : How do I update my FIM software?

A : Contact FIM by telephone:, with the serial number (s/n: …..) of your device (noted on the device or the cables) and your software version (located in either “?”, or “Help”) then system information (first line).


Q : My measurement/curve is upside down.

A : Check that the cone is on the “mouthpiece” side of the sensor handle.

Q : Only expired air is traced on the screen.

A : Use a calibrating syringe, attached to the “mouthpiece” side of the sensor handle, to make an adjustment. When using the syringe with the FIM spirometers, always start by “breathe in” then “breathe out”, from one end to the other, without pausing. Perform only one “pull-push” between “start” and “finish”. If required, reclick on “start” etc …

Q : Measurements don’t seem right.

A : Check adjustment of the spirometer in FVC mode (Spirowin V5 or later, by clicking BTPS in the configuration menu) or verification (Spirowin V6 or Spirowin Pro). Volumes should be between 2.91L - 3.09L for a 3-litre syringe (i.e. 3% of the syringe volume) whatever the flow (speed) when manipulating the syringe.


Q : Audiowin displays the message “Low battery. Audiowin will turn off the headset. Before performing an audiometry, ensure the battery of your headset is charged …”

A : Check that the power plug (transformer or charger) is correctly plugged in (most models have a light indicating it is properly plugged in to the electricity supply), that the plug of the lead is plugged into the computer plug of the audiometer (between the 2 screws, next to the moulded lead). If possible, try with a different power plug from another FIM device.

Q : The software does not recognise my ADL-20.

A : Check that Audiowin 20 is not opened several times. Attention: computer knowledge required for the rest of this answer. Check in “Windows Device Manager” that the audiometer appears in “Port Com and LPT” (by unplugging and replugging the device). If so, double click on the corresponding line and go to “Driver”. A version of the driver corresponds to a version of the DLL CP210x Manufacturing.dll (installed next to the executable file): Driver V4.xx => DLL V3 Driver V6.xx => DLL V5.


Q : The nasal LEDs of the peripheral field are inverted. Patients say “left”, when it is the LED of the right eye being tested.

A : If, for example, the nasal LED of the right eye of the peripheral field is lit, the patient will probably say “left” as he perceives the LED with the left part of the peripheral field of the right eye.

Q : My Visiolite does nothing when I select a test.

A : What colour is the dot on the bottom right of the Visiolite window (check as soon as the software is switched on)? Grey: Is the Visiolite correctly plugged in (light on power plug and USB lead)? Is the driver of the CP210 component correctly installed and recognised (visible in Device Manager)? What version is it? Red then Grey: Is the driver version correct (visible in Device Manager)? Is communication speed correct (“Option\Configuration\” choice 9600bps  for 95% of Visiolites and 36000 bps for the Visiolites from 2007)? Green: communication is established.