Designer and Manufacturer

FIM Medical was created in 1986 by Eric Derei. A skilled electrician, the company director understood that the development of screening and diagnosis for preventive medicine required modern tools using electronic and computerised technology.

As such, spirometric, audiometric and vision screening devices, as well as analyses of biological parameters, quickly became more powerful and precise. The introduction of digital technology into these devices brought users a multitude of advantages that would help elevate preventive medicine to an extraordinary level of quality.

Today, smaller and portable instruments, connected to computers, measure, analyse, diagnose, print, record and transmit, via a simple computer tool, all the information requested on a patient file software.

Back in 1986, spirometric tests (volumetric) were performed throughout the day and calculated, then analysed after consultations. Today, the laptop is used as a measuring instrument, transporting the biomedical data of every patient (or placing data on a network).

Next Phase

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